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Discover Species Balanced™ for Cats

Our feline furfam members are strict/obligate carnivores who thrive on a 100% animal prey diet. They can do this because their metabolic pathways are specialized for extracting all necessary nutrients from animal prey. In fact digesting plants is an unnatural act.

A species appropriate diet minimizes dietary stress.

Known Benefits of a Species Balanced Diet
Improved Digestion
Increased Energy Levels
Healthier Skin & Coat
Reduced Allergies
Weight Management
Reduced Stool Odor
Species Balanced™ Steamed
Our Species Balanced™ Steamed recipes are carefully crafted to maximize the natural goodness of our fresh ingredients for all life stages while ensuring your entire family remains safe with the use of gentle steam to kill any pathogens.

Fresh Ingredients

USDA Inspected and Approved meat, organs, eggs, and oils.

Pasteurized at 140F

Kills pathogens without preservatives – retains nutrients

Verified Safe

Test & Hold
Independent Pathogen Testing

Species Balanced Recipe

Our Species Balanced Raw and Steamed recipes are based on a high-protein ancestral prey diet combined with the minimal amount of supplementation needed to exceed the accepted nutritional requirements for all life stages.


Muscle Meat, Organs, Egg, Fish Oil



Calcium, Phosphorous, Taurine, etc



Nothing Inappropriate

Unlike many other foods we do not use species-inappropriate, cheap plant-based fillers for nutrition or cost reduction – some recipes contain up to 80% carbohydrates.

Like our furfams' natural prey, our recipes contain no preservatives or coloring agents of any kind.

Digestible Plants

Legumes, Peas, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Starches

Unnecessary Additives

Colorants, Preservatives, Bacteriophages (viruses), Fermenting Yeasts

“My cats DEVOURED their first meal in seconds! I was buying a very expensive raw food brand that was difficult to find and only seemed to come in very small portions. It also contained some veggies and fruits, which I know my guys didn't need. I love the quality of Balanced Blends, the convenience of having it shipped to my home, and the affordability. You now have a customer for life. My 11 year old cat, Squeakers, finished eating and then ran around the room chasing her own tail! Her energy was at a 10! I can't thank you enough.”

– Nikki S., NY

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