Success Stories

From Our Customers

“My cats DEVOURED their first meal in seconds! I was buying a very expensive raw food brand that was difficult to find and only seemed to come in very small portions. It also contained some veggies and fruits, which I know my guys didn't need. I love the quality of Balanced Blends, the convenience of having it shipped to my home, and the affordability. You now have a customer for life. My 11 year old cat, Squeakers, finished eating and then ran around the room chasing her own tail! Her energy was at a 10! I can't thank you enough.”

Nikki S., NY

"I just recently converted my pets to a raw food diet and I happened to come across Balanced Blends.  I want to say that not only are my two fur kids, Tito & Penny, healthier since converting to a raw food diet, but Balanced Blends has surpassed in the quality of their product and care and consideration they have given to me and my pets. [They] just recently went above and beyond to make sure my fur kids had food in time to weather the upcoming storm.Thank you Balanced Blends for all you do!"

Karen R., FL

“We are enjoying Balanced Blends so far. Our pickiest cat enjoys it and we find the chicken formula less watery than the brand we currently feed. We also enjoy the pre-portioned packets as we previously had to portion it ourselves. The best thing about Balanced Blends is that it is the type of raw food we are looking for (no fruits & veggies) and the price is half that of what we currently pay. Affordable raw is super important. On top of everything you offer, customer service and overall company experience has been amazing.”

Emilie C., CA

“I was impressed with how fresh Balanced Blends raw chicken was.  The color was consistent, and it smelled like fresh, clean meat.  It looked better than people food.  The quality of meat was better than any other frozen raw cat food that I've bought.  I also liked the convenience of having it shipped to my home.”

Lynette N., OR

“I understand the importance of sourcing high-quality meat and your product came as close as I have found to the home-made version I make personally for my 3 cats.”

Tricia A., GA

"I HIGHLY recommend this company Balanced Blends! It's only been a week while transitioning my cats and I've already seen and felt a difference in their coat. As many of you know, my cat Harley has severe stomatitis and has had all his teeth removed. He still has quite a bit of clausal inflammation in the back of his mouth, and is required to take a daily Med for the rest of his life. I'm highly optimistic that having him on a raw food diet will reverse this inflammation and he will no longer need this medication and no longer risk liver damage as well. In addition, our calico Abi has asthma/allergy issues and again, I am confident switching her to raw food will eliminate her issues as well. Which in turn will eliminate her yearly steroid and antibiotic injections which in turn will eliminate the possibility of liver damage from the steroid. Last but not least, my baby girl Isis will slim down and not have any health issues (which means lower vet bills) as she ages!"

Laurie G., CA

“They LOVE the chicken, and our 19 year old tabby, Angel, looks better than she has in years!  She has been on your food since December.”

Tracy P., TX

“I have to say that I initially bought Balanced Blends for my 17-18 year old cat in the middle stages of kidney disease. While he likes and eats it, my 11 year old cat (Oliver) devours it! Oliver has always been thin and sickly looking since I took him in off the streets many years ago, even though he is as active as a kitten. Since eating Balanced Blends, Ollie has gained some needed weight and his fur is almost plush!”

Christine K., MD

“I. Love! Balanced Blends.  I can't say this enough!! Lucy, our 7 year old tuxedo, has always been soft. Our vet even pets her extra because "she feels like a rabbit."  Well, after switching Lucy over to Balanced Blends, I'm afraid to take her to the vet because they might keep her - she now feels like a chinchilla!  Not only is her fur softer and shinier, her body more lean and strong, **and her litter box stink free**, she now has so much more energy it's borders on annoying. I highly recommend Balanced Blends for your pet.  Their health will thank you for it!”

Stacey Z., CO

"I'm extremely pleased with Balanced Blend's cat and dog raw food! The product is packaged very well and remains frozen on your doorstep until you get home!!  Nice touch for us long hour workers! The customer service is spot on and the quality of the food is great! I too was hesitant about both the safety and labor of going with raw food but they make it effortless. Everything is packaged neat and tidy and their food handling process is spelled out and easy to understand. Once you get your pets completely transitioned to raw, you easily figure out when to start thawing the next batch. My pets LOVE the food and I've seen enormous improvements in their health.  They play more, potty less and their fur is shiny and very soft. I feel much happier knowing I'm feeding them a high quality food!  Wish I had heard of them sooner!" 

Melody C., MD

“My dog loves Balanced Blends! She cleans her bowl completely and gets so excited when she sees it come out of the fridge!”

Mandy W., CO

"Just received my 2 orders of raw beef blend and my two dogs LOVE it! One is a very finicky eater but both licked their bowls clean! I have never, ever seen them do that with any dog food wet or dry. I will be ordering regularly and again cannot express just how wonderful your product is. Finally I've found something they both love and enjoy! Thank you. p.s. They both wanted more. Unbelievable!"

Peter B., NY


They not only answered every single [question], they impressed me with their obvious devotion to providing excellent, complete and balanced raw food diets for cats and dogs.

Healthy Pet Coach

Mr. N took to the food right away without any hesitation and licked his plate clean. He is always ready and eager for dinner and this is a dog that will starve himself if he feels like the food is not up to par. He thinks if he does his best Oliver Twist impersonation, someone might take pity on him and add some extra food to his bowl. "Please, sir, I want some more.”

Tenacious Little Terrier

We (author’s cat) have been eating Balanced Blends™ eagerly for a couple of weeks now and we have made the transition to eating 100% Balanced Blends™ raw diet just this week! We have had no tummy upsets and did not turn our noses up at any of the formulas for cats.

Curls and Swirlz

This diet contains meat, organs, bone, and added nutrients and minerals.  You have to trust ANY company you buy your cat’s food from (no matter what type of food you decide on), and I appreciate the short ingredient list that contains only things that are necessary for cat health.

Feline Behavior Solutions

Did you know that feeding our four-legged best friends a species appropriate, balanced, raw diet doesn’t have to be complicated? Had I known how easy and convenient raw feeding can be, I would have started much sooner than I did!


The KCC Gang has been eating Balanced Blends chicken and beef recipes for a couple of weeks now, and we give them 24 paws up! Seriously, the cats have been scarfing the food down like there’s no tomorrow. They have been thoroughly spoiled now, and I don’t think they’ll ever eat anything else – which is fine by me!

Kitty Cat Chronicles

Katie was born with a gorgeous coat, but Waffles has always been a little scraggly around the edges. Maybe it's a tabby thing. But since eating raw, Waffles' coat is so soft and smooth it rivals even Katie's. And according to our vet, Katie's coat is THE silkiest she's ever felt of any cat in all her years of practice.


When I took a look around their website, I was impressed both by what’s in the food, and what’s not.

The Conscious Cat with Ingrid King

In The News

We are all so much more health conscious these days, and that includes what we feed our furry companions as well. Processed pet foods often contain sub-par ingredients sourced from inferior proteins along with added grain fillers that, let’s face it, don’t really provide any nutritional value for our pets. For this reason, Balanced Blends is keeping their products balanced, natural and nutritious – all things we want in a quality pet food.

Top Dog Tips

Balanced Blends is the perfect answer to all pet parents’ worries. It saves time, countless hours of preparation and offers your cats and dogs complete and balanced raw food meals that are ready to serve!


Giacomoni for four or five years honed his skills at making raw, meat-based food for his cats at home, but quickly realized how time-intensive it was.  The idea for Balanced Blends is to remove that hassle for pet owners seeking to provide a similar diet for their pets — and deliver it right to their homes ready to serve.