We are committed to continuously reducing our paw print on the environment while protecting your furfam's food quality and safety.

Eco Fulfillment Partner

We know that you – like us – care about the environmental impact of shipping frozen meat across the country.

To ensure our products have the smallest environmental impact possible, we selected a fulfillment partner who not only has a deep commitment to preserving the planet, but also has the transparency and B-Corp Certification to validate their claims. Our partner is constantly working to improve their in-house operations and shipping practices to reduce their impact on the environment. Most recently they've changed their insulating liners to fully recyclable post-consumer paper liners with no plastic liners.

Eco Cooler

Our eco-coolers and shipping materials are 100% recyclable in curbside recycling bins. The liners are made from recycled cardboard fibers wrapped in kraft paper.

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