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Our Balanced Raw goes beyond just a balanced recipe. Better nutrition needs to start with fresh, human grade proteins that are prepared to be balanced, safe, and conveniently delivered to your home.

Fresh Ingredients

Chicken + Turkey

All Natural
Cage free
Antibiotic free
USDA inspected & approved 


All natural
Antibiotic free
No added hormones
USDA inspected & approved


Dogs Only!
FYI: Ancestral cat diets have 0% fruits and vegetables, as do our raw diets for cats.

Species Appropriate Formulas


Meat, organs and egg yolks


Vitamins, trace minerals and oils for optimum fat balance


No carbs fruits, vegetables or grains


No large bone pieces, fillers, artificial preservatives or coloring

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Meat, organs, bones


Organic fruits and vegetables


Vitamins, trace minerals and oils for optimum fat balance


No grains, fillers, artificial preservatives and coloring

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Balanced Fat & Minerals

The key to promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle for your pet? Balance! Many health issues are caused by an improper, unbalanced diet, which is why we pay attention to the little things.

Optimum Linoleic Acid

Reduces inflammation and allergies. 

Optimum Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio

Promotes healthy skeletal growth and maintenance. 

Optimum Omega 6 to 3 Ratio

Aids inflammation and infection control & promotes healthy skin and coat. 

We've achieved the perfect blend of salmon, hemp and flaxseed oil to provide optimal levels of Linoleic Acid, Alpha-Lipoid Acid, Omega 6 and Omega 3s for your furry family member.

Safety First!

When it comes to our products, we put safety first. On top of industry best practices, we also pasteurize our food with High Pressure Processing (HPP).

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Fresher Nutrition, Minus The Middle Man

We ship directly to YOU, not the pet food store. That means you get fresh nutrition for your cats & dogs. No need to worry about shelf life through distribution to retailers. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We proudly stand behind our food! If your experience with our food is less-than-satisfactory, we'll make it right.

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