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Balanced Raw® replaced by our new Species Balanced® Raw

June 2019 - After 3 years of hearing life-changing and even life-saving stories from our extended furfam who benefited from our Balanced Raw recipes, we're pleased to announce that we've upgraded our recipes! To help even more furfams, the Balanced Raw recipe has been replaced by the enhanced Species Balanced® Raw

Changing a recipe that works is a difficult undertaking. After 16 months, we successfully formulated a set of recipes that are more species appropriate, nutritious, and tastier than our existing recipes.

Species Appropriate – We all know that cats and dogs are carnivores, with metabolic pathways specialized for extracting all necessary nutrients from animal prey What many don’t know is that it is impossible to feed our furfams the full set of nutrients they require using only USDA Approved grocery-grade animal ingredients, because many of the necessary vitamins and minerals are found in the eyes, nails, fur, and other ingredients that are not eligible for USDA approval.

Species Inappropriate – Our choice was to include either high-quality supplements or species inappropriate fruits and vegetables to create a complete and balanced diet. As our industry continues to improve its understanding of feline and canine physiology, it is becoming increasingly clear that an individual’s tolerance to species inappropriate foods such as carbohydrates varies widely.

Solution – Therefore, to minimize dietary stress for our extended carnivorous furfam, we have removed all digestible plant-derived ingredients from our recipes.


Increased EPA & DHA – Improved anti-inflammatory properties.

Chelated and Proteinated Minerals – Improves mineral bioavailability.

No Bones – Safe for certain digestive issues.

No Flaxseed Oil – Bioavailability of ALA is poor in dogs and negligible in cats.

No Hempseed Oil (dogs) – Unnecessary with reformulated recipes.

No Fruits & Veggies (dogs) – Minimize dietary stress due to carbohydrates.