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Learn why a Balanced Raw diet is the heathy choice.

Balanced Raw

Feed your cat & dog the diet nature intended. You want to give you & your family the best — that includes your pet.

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Why Balanced Raw?

We take balance seriously! We optimize our fat & mineral formulas so your pet's health is top tier. Some known benefits of a balanced raw diet include: 

Healthier Skin
& Coat



Energy Levels

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​From Balanced Raw Comes Better Nutrition

Quality Ingredients

All-natural hormone-free and cage-free chicken, turkey, and beef.

Our USDA ingredients are sourced from high-quality farms in the USA.

Balanced Formulation

Species specific formulas that meet AAFCO's Complete And Balanced nutritional standards for all life stages.

Additional Safety Measures

We cold pasteurize in final packaging with High Pressure Processing (HPP) #becausetheyrefamily

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"We are all so much more health conscious these days, and that includes what we feed our furry companions as well. Processed pet foods often contain sub-par ingredients sourced from inferior proteins along with added grain fillers that, let’s face it, don’t really provide any nutritional value for our pets. For this reason, Balanced Blends is keeping their products balanced, natural and nutritious – all things we want in a quality pet food." -  

All natural with added vitamins & minerals

Formulated with wild caught salmon oil

No grains or gluten

No preservatives or artificial coloring