Founders’ Story

Pets Are Family - Carnivores Hunt - Choose to Feed Appropriately™

John & Christina’s Story

In 2003, we adopted Meep and Jade from the Humane Society who both turned out to have special needs. After years of costly medical bills battling many issues including kidney issues through increasingly restrictive prescription diets and medication, we began to think more critically about the situation. We did a bunch of research into feline nutrition and learned that felines are carnivores and that most products on the market are not species appropriate as they contain rich calorie dense fillers (grains, seed, fruits, veggies, etc). We also learned that these fillers are used in many prescription products including the hypoallergenic ones that we were feeding to Meep and Jade. So we made the switch to a homemade recipe approximating an ancestral diet to fantastic results; Jade lived another full 3 years with a significant reduction in all her issues including her blood values which returned to normal.

Since Meep and Jade's passing, we have continued to invest the time and effort into making this diet for our pride with fantastic results.

But we were always concerned with the nutritional adequacy and safety for all of us.