Species Balanced® for Dogs

Pets Are Family - Carnivores Hunt - Choose to Feed Appropriately™

How will your dietary choices impact your family?


A proactive choice means feeding a species appropriate diet. These diets have no carbs, which means they are easier to digest. No carbs means you can better manage your pet’s weight to keep them healthy and happy, so you’ll be a happy pet owner.


A reactive choice means feeding what’s easiest, which can lead to obesity. Obesity is linked to other health issues, like arthritis and pancreatitis. And health issues mean vet visits, medications, and unhappy pets and owners.

Species Appropriate

No Digestible Plants
Legumes, Peas, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Starches.
No Unnecessary Additives
Colorants, Preservatives, Bacteriophages (viruses), Fermenting Yeasts.
No Bones

Known Benefits

Improved Digestion
Increased Energy Levels
Healthier Skin & Coat
Reduced Allergies
Weight Management
Reduced Stool Odor

Our Values

Made in the USA
Complete and Balanced
For all life stages.
USDA Inspected and Approved
Whole meat and organs, eggs, and oil.
Verified Safe
Test & Hold - Independently Verified.


To minimize digestive discomfort, it's important to transition your pet's diet gradually.

One Plan: Mark the calendar with gradual transition steps as shown in the diagram.
One Adapt: Pets don't follow plans, and that's ok, so be ready to adapt and spend a few extra days at each transition stage as needed.
One Relax: Pets reflect your emotions, especially anxiety. Serve each stage of the transition just as you would normally.
One Celebrate: A gentle transition reduces digestive stress and allows your pet's gut bacteria to adjust without issues. Great job!
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Species Balanced® Steamed

Species Balanced® Steamed is best for pets on kibble, canned, pouch, or 'fresh' foods who have never tried a raw diet before.

We always recommend transitioning across food varieties.

Species Balanced® Raw

Species Balanced® Raw is ideal for pets currently eating raw or fresh foods.

We always recommend transitioning across food varieties.