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At Balanced Blends we believe in minimizing dietary stress by only feeding species appropriate diets that are built on a high-protein ancestral prey diet combined with the minimal amount of supplementation needed to exceed accepted nutritional requirements. Our Species Balanced® recipes are 97.5% meat with only 2.5% nutrition supplements (Calcium, Phosphorus, etc.) and 0% digestible plant matter.

Tiki Dog® Darwin's
Natural Selections™


Other Product Lines

Canine Appropriateness

AAFCO Complete & Balanced
All Life Stages

Adult Only

All Life Stages
All Recipes > 60%

Some Recipes

Low Carbohydrate
Digestible Plant Free
Except Duck with Pumpkin

24%: Yams, Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Celery, Parlsey, Flaxseed Oil


Clean Kill Step
HPP Packaged Product

HPP - Pre/Post Packaging Unknown
Preservative Free
Bacteriophages (Viruses)
Test & Hold
Bone Free

Ingredient Quality

Whole Meat/Organs
USDA Meats
USDA Inspected & Approved
Hormone Free

Excluing Duck
Antibiotic Free


Chicken – 20 lb $7.50 / lb $9.99 / lb 5.79 / lb

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