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Customers typically have their Balanced Blends pet food shipped directly to their homes but, this doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe there’s nowhere safe to leave a package out of the way, or maybe you’ve got ‘porch pirates’ (yes, that’s a thing) operating in your area stealing packages while you’re out. 


Porch Pirates

Unfortunately, with the convenience of on-line shopping has come a new breed of criminal known as the ‘porch pirate’ – a lowly individual who scours neighborhoods looking to steel deliveries. They often operate during festive times like Christmas, preying on the fact that we – good, honest folk – rely on deliveries for much of our shopping. 

On a more humorous side, so widespread has this phenomenon grown that some have taken very creative actions against these residential thieves, as demonstrated in this YouTube video: Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap. Gags aside, let’s not become vigilantes, shall we, because there’s another option!


UPS Delivery Options

Balanced Blends products ship via UPS. UPS provides recipients with package delivery options including:

  • Delivery Notifications
  • Alternative Delivery Locations

Signing up for the Delivery Notifications is useful for knowing exactly when you package has been delivered to your door. Especially useful if you have a friendly neighbor or relative who can bring it in for you while you’re out.

Delivery Updates


Selecting an Alternative Delivery Location allows you to collect your package from a known safe location, including UPS Stores in your area. To see a list of available pick-up locations near you, navigate to the UPS Access Point Network page here and click “Find a Location”. To use this service, simply create a free UPS My Choice account on-line and then you will be able to specify an alternative delivery location. 

NOTE: We pack enough dry ice for you to safely receive you pet food on the delivery day. Hence, when choosing a delivery location, take note of the locations ‘Closing Time’ and ensure you have sufficient time to get there before closing. Balanced Blends will not replace spoiled products shipped to alternative destinations and not collected on time.

Delivery Options

Final word, also on the topic shipping, don't forget to take a look at our shipping estimate calculator on the Balanced Blends website. 



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