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As of 3/16 @ 10:10 CT the Balanced Blends’ store is now open. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Inventory Transfered to New Fulfillment Facility

Product has been transferred to our new fulfillment center but we were not able to complete our inventory review process in time to turn on products today.  We expect products be be back online sometime tomorrow morning. Our new fulfillment partner is super helpful and excited to be able to ship all of our products and not just the starter packs they've been shipping for the past few months.

2018/03/15 5:00pm CT

New shipping information posted!

Checkout our new shipping information.

2018/03/15 5:25pm CT

New Eco-Cooler information posted!

Checkout our new eco-coolers now being used for all orders!  Less waste! Better for the environment! Less junk in your recycling/composting bins!

2018/3/15 5:30pm CT

Shipping temporarily offline

Shipping has temporarily gone offline, we are working as hard as we can to bring the shipping system back online.  

2018/03/17 7:20pm MT

Shipping workaround

If you need food shipped on monday, please email us at with your order, shipping, and email address and we will email you an invoice to complete payment.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

2018/03/17 7:25PM MT

Shipping Restored!

Our shipping servers are back online!

2018/03/18 8:15pm MT