Species Balanced™ for Cats

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Discover Species Balanced™ for Cats

Our feline furfam members are strict/obligate carnivores who thrive on a 100% animal prey diet. They can do this because their metabolic pathways are specialized for extracting all necessary nutrients from animal prey. In fact digesting plants is an unnatural act.

A species appropriate diet minimizes dietary stress.

Known Benefits of a Species Balanced Diet
Improved Digestion
Increased Energy Levels
Healthier Skin & Coat
Reduced Allergies
Weight Management
Reduced Stool Odor
Species Balanced™ Products
We give you the choice of raw and steamed products so that you can make the best selection for your family.


  • Most Natural
  • Cold Pasteurized
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  • Highly Digestable
  • Cooked at 140F
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