Our Mission

We empower pet parents to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of their pets.

Who We Are

We are enthusiastic pet parents (just like you!) with a distinct curiosity in pet nutrition based in Boulder, Colorado. We started preparing raw foods at home, but with our busy schedules we began looking for a commercially available raw food product. Through our research, we discovered many other pet parents looking for the same thing — so we took it upon ourselves! Working with nutrition-focused veterinarians, a board certified PhD nutritionist, and a pioneer of the raw food industry, we developed Balanced Blends, a complete and balanced raw diet for cats and dogs.

What We Do

We know that many pet parents want to provide their loved ones with a healthy, nutritious and species' appropriate diet but may not have time or knowledge to do so. That's why we've created Balanced Blends — to give your pet optimal nutrition in an easy and convenient manner! Purchase single units or sign-up for our subscription model to schedule a recurring delivery exactly when you and your pet need it. 

Why We Do It

Because they’re family! We all want to pay more attention to what we eat and what we feed our family, which includes our four-legged family members as well.