Where can I buy Balanced Blends raw diets for my cats and dogs?

Balanced Blends Raw Diets are only available for purchase online. Shop Now!

How will the raw diet be delivered to my home?

Your raw diet will arrive in a cooler with the specific amount of dry ice needed to ship to your location. The raw diet will arrive to your home frozen or cold to the touch.

How do I dispose of my eco-cooler?

The delivered eco-cooler consists of an outer cardboard box and an inner insulation liner or 'blanket'. The cardboard box is recyclable. Once the plastic or paper cover is removed from the insulation liner, the plastic or paper cover is recyclable and the insulation material is compostable.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the contiguous 48 United States.

Do I need to add supplements to Balanced Blends Raw Diets?

No, we supplement our raw diets with all necessary vitamins and minerals. Our raw diets are formulated to meet AAFCO ‘Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages' as well as the EU (FEDIAF) standards.

How should I serve and store raw foods?

Keep the foods frozen and thaw before you serve. Once thawed, you can keep the food refrigerate for 2-3 days. Always practice good hygiene when handling raw food, just like when you are preparing dinner for your family with raw meat. Clean all surfaces and utensils used, including your pets’ bowls once food is finished. Always wash your hands before and after you handle the raw foods.

Should I cook the raw food?

No! Cooking is not recommended for our raw diets. Our raw diets have bones that are finely ground and safe to consume when raw. Cooking will make the bones brittle and can splinter, which could cause potential harm to your pets. Cooking also degrades the nutrients available in the raw diets.

Are your raw diets safe?

Yes! We take additional steps to provide your pets with a safe and healthy diet. Learn more.

How can I transition my cat to raw?

View our Transition Guide for thorough instructions on transitioning your cat to raw.

How can I transition my dog to raw?

View our Transition Guide for thorough instructions on transitioning your dog to raw.

How much should I feed?

The amount the feed varies depending on the recipe. Please visit our Feeding Guidelines For Cats and/or Feeding Guidelines For Dogs for more information.

Does Balanced Blends Raw Diet meet the AAFCO's nutrient profiles for 'Complete & Balanced'?

Yes! All of our raw diets for cats and dogs are formulated to meet and exceed the AAFCO nutrient profiles for 'All Life Stages' as well as the EU (FEDIAF) standards.

What is your money back guarantee?

​If for any reason your cats or dogs do not eat our food, or you have a less-than-satisfactory experience, please contact us and we will be glad to help you. If after contacting us we are unable to resolve the issue, we’ll happily grant you a refund — we want all of our pet parents to be happy with their Balanced Blends experience!

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