Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are committed to continuously reducing our paw print on the environment while protecting your furry family members’ food’s quality and safety.
Learn more about how to properly recycle our packaging below.

Eco Box

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Box
- Recycle as cardboard

Eco Cooler

Separate the outer plastic from the insulation liner

Insulation liner (nonwoven cotton) – recycle at any recycling facility which accepts cotton fiber

Outer plastic – recycle as #4 plastic

Box - Recycle as Cardboard

If recycling is not an option, the outer plastic and insulation liner can be discarded. The insulation liner (nonwoven cotton) is biodegradable*. The outer plastic contains a patented additive which promotes and accelerates biodegradation. 

*Insulation liner (nonwoven cotton) is biodegradable in less than 1 year when in the presence of active microorganisms, such as those found in landfill. It is always best to separate the outer plastic from the insulation liner, before discarding to help accelerate their breakdown in landfill.