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Bringing balance to your cat’s diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Your feline family member deserves the best, and introducing a Balanced Raw routine will give them the proper nutrition they need to live their best life.

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Our Balanced Raw goes beyond a balanced formulation, we believe that better nutrition needs to start with fresh, human grade protein, formulated to be species appropriate and well balanced, made to be safe and conveniently delivered to your home.

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Species Appropriate Formula


Meat, organs and egg yolks


Vitamins, trace minerals and oils for optimum fat balance


No carbs fruits, vegetables or grains


No large bone pieces, fillers, artificial preservatives or coloring

Known Benefits of a Balanced Raw ​

Healther Skin & Coat
Reduce Allergies
Improve Digestion
Increase Energy Levels
Weight Management
Reduces Stool Odor

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Begin your cat’s transition to Balanced Raw with our Starter Packs. Our Starter Pack comes in a 2lb box with 4 x 8oz packages that make it easy to portion!

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From our Cat Parents

“My pets LOVE the food and I've seen enormous improvements in their health.  They play more, potty less and their fur is shiny and very soft. I feel much happier knowing I'm feeding them a high quality food!  Wish I had heard of them sooner!"

– Melody C., MD

“The best thing about Balanced Blends is that it is the type of raw food we are looking for (no fruits & veggies) and the price is half that of what we currently pay. Affordable raw is super important. On top of everything [they] offer, customer service and overall company experience has been amazing.”

– Emilie C., CA

“I understand the importance of sourcing high-quality meat and [Balanced Blends] product came as close as I have found to the home-made version I make personally for my 3 cats.”

– Tricia A., GA

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How can I transition my cat to raw?

View our Transition Guide for thorough instructions on transitioning your cat to raw.

How much should I feed?

The amount of food varies depending on the recipe. Please visit our Feeding Guidelines For Cats for more information.

Are your raw diets safe?

Yes! We take additional steps to provide your pets with a safe and healthy diet. Learn more.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the contiguous 48 United States.

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