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We understand that pet parents want to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of their pets. And Balanced Blends wants to help you achieve these goals. For this reason, in addition to supplying you with Species Balanced™ pet food for Cats and Dogs, today we launch the Balanced Blends Blog – a platform for communicating information and best practices towards building and maintaining a thriving furfam.

By following this blog you can expect to see articles on such topics as:

  • Species Appropriate Diets – information about what is, and is not, species appropriate, and why.
  • Transitioning Tips – tips for hassle free transition to a healthier furfam.
  • Safe Handling – maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Customer Experiences – get a window into our extended furfams :)
  • Industry News – important public notices and regulatory changes to ingredients, processes, and food safety.


If there’s a specific topic you would like us to cover, or a previously covered topic you’d like us to go deeper on, please do get in touch via the Balanced Blends Contact Us form or, post a comment below an individual article. 

To receive notifications of new articles ensure you check the appropriated boxes in your email subscription settings, which are accessible at the bottom of all Balanced Blends email communications.


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