The Balanced Blends Weekly - March 14, 2020

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Hi everyone!

We've got an interesting study about dogs this week, some overpopulation issues on Staten Island, and a dog who does the agility course his way....some fun stuff. :) 

Enjoy your weekend! =^..^= 

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--In a study of 14,000 dogs, unwanted behaviors were found in 73% of them. These behaviors included noise sensitivity (fireworks, shots, thunder), fearfulness (of humans, other dogs, and unfamiliar places), fear of surfaces and heights, inattention and impulsivity, compulsive behaviors, aggression, and separation anxiety. The study found certain behaviors tended to be linked, like fearfulness and aggression, and also found that compulsive behavior, impulsivity, and separation anxiety were co-morbid, similar to humans who have OCD. It also found that certain breeds tended to exhibit certain unwanted behaviors, such as border collies, who exhibit compulsive staring and light/shadow chasing, which doesn’t appear in other breeds. Fascinating!


--Staten Island has three times fewer people living there as Manhattan, and also boasts half the city’s parkland. Yet residents are having issues with the wildlife, which have gone from beautiful to quite beastly. The deer, for example, eat everything in sight, making it impossible to keep a garden, and turning driving into a nightmare. Then there are the wild turkeys, which hang out on trees and make noise all night long. Finally, feral cats roam the island, turning it into a gigantic litterbox. So what’s the solution? The state is open to a limited cull, which could be tricky given the proximity of animals to humans, while the city continues to push through with its vasectomy program. What would you do?


--If you need a laugh, please watch Kratu the rescue dog demonstrate how to have fun on an agility course.


--I am frequently asked by friends and colleagues how so much of our food gets contaminated when we supposedly have so many safety protocols in place. This blog post, which reviews a research article published in February, answers that question for us.
(Don’t wanna click? The answer is we need everyone to wash their hands!)


--Xherdan the sphynx kitty is gaining quite a bit of attention due to his unique appearance. At six years old, he’s a bit more wrinkly than other sphynx kitties, but that just makes him all the more photogenic. Check out the article and his website!

--With kitten season rapidly approaching, I’m plugging the non-profit John and I volunteer for, as it’s going to be a busy season. Longmont Friends of Feral and Abandoned Cats works hard to trap, neuter, and release kitties to prevent more kitties from being created, and also works with the community to teach them about the importance of TNR. We also have cat colonies we maintain on a daily basis – we bring food and fresh water to the cats, and give pettings to the ones who allow it. It’s an awesome organization, and supports a huge area, and they can always use a little extra help!



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