The Balanced Blends Weekly - August 9, 2019 Edition

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August 9, 2019

Greetings extended furfam,

We are delighted to bring you the “Balanced Blends Weekly” – a newsletter in which we communicate what we’re doing to better serve our friends and furfams.


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Food Hygiene News - August 9, 2019 edition

In this episode we're going to cover some important topics for ensuring your home doesn't become ground zero for harmful bacteria and infection. While these topics might sound trivial – washing your hands and washing dishes – its definitely worth a refresher for your safety and that of your furfam.

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Food Hygiene News – August 9, 2019 - VIDEO Edition 

Keep you and your furfam safe with this excellent refresher on home hygiene. Wash those pet bowls!!!


Furfam Spotlight

This week, from the Balanced Blends team, we have Goldie!
Christina has this to share:

"Once upon a time, there was a barn kitten named Goldie who lived with her mother and brother in a small home in the middle of a field. She enjoyed chasing bugs and mice, and generally living a life of leisure outdoors, until one day she was plucked from her home and placed into….an apartment! She went from eating all sorts of interesting critters to eating kibble, and while she didn’t love it, her new mom made sure to give her as much love as she could to make up for the lack of decent grub. 
Fast forward five years. Goldie now lived with her mom and new dad, as well as two other cat friends, and the food situation was *drastically* different. Mom and dad made their own food every month, using chicken from the grocery store and a hand grinder. The smell drove Goldie crazy, and she’d constantly jump onto the counter to try to stick her paw into the tasty chicken.
That was nine years ago. Goldie is now 14, and still eating a version of mom and dad’s original recipe, only thankfully we don’t have to grind it by hand anymore, and the house doesn’t stink of chicken. 😉
~Christina and Goldie"

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The Balanced Blends Team

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