Preparing your pets food

Posted by Nathan Pearce on

In this episode I show how I prepare Species Balanced™ pet food for my cats, Ang and Cam, by adding a little water to help keep them hydrated and healthy.

Adding water to pets food year round is a great way to keep them hydrated, and in summer it's good to mix in a little extra water to account for the heat. But it's not just summer as even air-conditioning is enough to create a dry air environment.

Other reasons include high altitudes where the air is much dryer like where Balanced Blends founders, John and Christina, live up in Colorado. Or maybe you've got a pet like my cat Ang who has suffered from urinary Tract Infections in the past an so he needs a little extra help keeping his fluids up. 

NOTE: Ang has had no health issues since his switch to Balanced Blends. He's never been healthier or as active as he is now.

Lastly, I noticed my cats love the addition of warm water to their food. This raises the temperature of the food to that of a fresh catch in the wild without nuking the nutrients in a microwave! This delighted Cam, who's typically very fussy.

Please share your experiences and tips with food preparation. We'd love to hear from you:


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