Is Shipping Frozen Safe - Part 1

Is Shipping Frozen Safe - Part 1

Posted by Nathan Pearce on

In this two part article I demonstrate just how safe it is to order frozen food from Balanced Blends, even on super-hot days.

During a heatwave where temperatures at my front door exceeded 110F for most of the day, I arranged for the delivery of some Balanced Blends frozen pet food. 

This article includes a series of video and images over the next 19 hours showing that no matter how hot it was, the inside temperature of the box remained below -60F. Watch and see for yourself!


Video 1 - 30 minutes after delivery

Approximately 30 minutes after UPS dropped the box off at my front door I took this first video. As you can see from the large dial temperature gauge the outside air temperature its a little over 110F, and yet the smaller temperature gauge is showing its below -60F inside the box. We don't know how far below -60F because the gauge was unable to read temperatures that low. 

Yes, its that cold in there on a super hot day.

Watch this video taken at 3PM to see for your self:


Initially, I thought the experiment was over, but then, with childlike enthusiasm, I decided we needed to see this experiment through to identify exactly how well insulated this shipping boxes are, and how effective dry ice is for shipping.


Video 2 - 4 hours and 30 minutes after delivery

So, after putting the worlds greatest species appropriate pet food in the freezer, I recoded this second video at 7PM.

As you can see, the temperature is still below -60F and there is still a LOT of dry ice in there. Now I'm wondering, how long can this last? 


Video 3 - 19 hours (next day) after delivery

Fast forward to the following morning at 10:15AM and we have video number 3 showing the box still has a lot of dry ice remaining. I'll let video #3 speak for itself:

Well, now we're emotionally committed for the duration. No backing out now! Reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer insists they keep on driving to see how far a vehicle already low on fuel will actually go, I decide to tape the box up and leave it out there. 

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Part 2 is located here:


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