Freezer Space

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Just how many of these can you fit in your freezer?

Box Contents


Having received a few questions on freezer storage space for Balanced Blends pet food I thought I'd put this quick post together to help show how much space is required.

Some important facts/dimensions:

  • We ship 5lb boxes containing 10x 8oz chubs of Species Balanced™ pet food, as shown above.
  • Each box is 14.25" long, 4.5" tall, and 5.5" wide.
  • I can comfortably fit 6 boxes in a standard 30" wide fridge/freezer


Box Dimensions

Length: 14.25"

Box Length


Width: 5.5"

Box Width


Height: 4.5"

Box Height


Freezer Space

This pictures demonstrate the space taken in a standard 30" fridge freezer. Space may vary between models.


Configuration Option A

Stacking the boxes lengthwise front to back seemed the logical method for easy access.

Size boxes

However, in my case the vent at the rear of the freezer protrudes almost an inch causing the boxes in the middle of the freezer to stick out a little (vent at rear shown below):

Four boxes - Option A

In my case, this prevented the door from closing. However, I was able to remove the door shelf rail which enabled me to close the door fine.

Door rail on:

Freezer Door Rail On


Door rail off:

Freezer Door Rail Off


It is entirely possible you don't have these same issues with the vent at the rear of the freezer and making space by removing the door rail is not required at all. Different fridge/freezers have different space available. Below are some more options you could try. 


Other Configuration Options

With the door rail installed, I was able to stack the boxes easily in the following two configurations:

Configuration Option B

Four Boxes:

Alternate Freezer Box Configuration


Siz Boxes:

Siz Boxes


Configuration Option C


Four Boxes:

Alternate Freezer Box Configuration



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