Food Hygiene News - October 18, 2019

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Food Hygiene News - October 18, 2019

In this episode:
•  Taco Bell recall
•  Expanded scromboid fish poisoning recall
•  Tip Top Poultry recall expanded
•  Non-profit of the week: National Disaster Search Dog Foundation 




Taco Bell Recall

It doesn’t happen often, but fast food chains do periodically have recalls. This week, Taco Bell issued a recall for 2.3 million pounds of its ground beef due to contamination from metal shavings. Apparently a customer discovered the shavings and reported it, and while there have been no adverse reactions according to the FDA, it’s awesome that Yum Brands did the right thing with the recall.


Expanded Fish Recall - Scombroid Poisoning

A few weeks ago, we talked about elevated histamine levels in fish, which can cause a reaction called scombroid fish poisoning. That recall was expanded this week to include a variety of tuna sold to wholesalers in 23 different states. Yikes.


Tip Top Poultry recall expanded 

We talked about the Tip Top Poultry recall last week, which included quite a few ready-to-eat meals. If you use Penzeys Spices, you should know their chicken soup base was just included in that recall, along with a few other labels. You can see the new additions here: 


Non-Profit of the Week: 

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has been around since 1996. They rescue and recruit dogs, pairing them with firefighters and other first responders, in order to find people buried in disaster situations. They’ve trained 229 teams, and deployed to 193 disasters and missing persons situations.



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