Food Hygiene News - August 30, 2019

Food Hygiene News - August 30, 2019

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Food Hygiene News - August 30, 2019 Edition


CDC International Travel Immunization Guide

In 1967, the Centers for Disease Control published a pamphlet outlining some disease you might encounter if you were to travel overseas, such as cholera, smallpox, and malaria. It was called Immunization Information for International Travel, and was about the size of an index card. Since then, that pamphlet grew into a massive resource for travelers, with information about diseases, preparing for international travel, environmental hazards, healthcare abroad, and family travel, just to name a few. This resource is available for free online here:


Hey, guess what? MORE PIG EAR RECALLS. 

Brutus and Barnaby brand pig ears, sold through, issued a recall for all sizes of their pig ears treats due to possible salmonella contamination. They have stopped producing and distributing them until they can figure out how the treats were contaminated.

The Pig Ear contamination problem has become serious enough for the CDC to post an "Import Alert" notice advising of the "Detention Without Physical Examination and Intensified Coverage of Pig Ears And Other Pet Treats Due To The Presence Of Salmonella".


Safe Labor Day BBQ Food Practices

With Labor Day marking the end of summer for many people, folks tend to have a last hurrah BBQ. Here’s just a short reminder from as to how to stay safe at a BBQ, with tips on hand-washing, not marinating anything on the kitchen counter, and keeping foods at the temperature they’re supposed to be.


Non-profit of the week: Paws Animal Rescue

Paws Animal Rescue, located in Alvin, Texas, is a volunteer-run non-profit devoted to rescuing cats and dogs from shelters, and helping people rehome their pets when needed. They also provide TNR services in the community. Education is also a huge component of the rescue, as they work to help people understand the importance of getting their animals spayed or neutered, as well as how to humanely care for them (i.e. no declawing cats!)

Visit their Facebook page here:



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