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March 7, 2020

Hey, March is here! In like a lion, out like a lamb, right? Don't forget to spring forward Sunday morning - don't tell the cats we're losing an hour of sleep!

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Animal News

-Moose are amazing creatures, majestic and beautiful. And in areas like Breckenridge, Colorado, you sometimes get to see them up close and personal, like when they wander downtown. It's a really, REALLY bad idea to touch a moose, though, as one woman learned this past week. Bystanders said the woman smacked the moose, which then kicked at her, and now she's being charged with harassment of wildlife, with a fine of up to $200. Last week we asked folks not to feed the wildlife, and apparently this week now we're asking folks not to touch the wildlife either.


-A London couple who work from home had to get creative with their super clingy cats, who prevented them from getting work done. The solution? What you see above, coupled with a heated mat. Brilliant! (John and I may have to consider this!)


-As the world watches with baited breath to see how Covid-19 spreads, there has been concern about our furry friends, and how they are impacted by it. A dog in quarantine in Hong Kong tested a weak positive for Covid-19, prompting scientists to study transmission issues related to the pup. What they found is that humans can indeed transmit the virus to their animals, but they can test positive with low levels of the virus that they catch from their humans. Prevention methods are exactly what we've been hearing - wash your hands, avoid kissing your fur babies, and practice good general hygiene.


Recalls/Health Warnings/Food Safety 

This is disheartening. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the European Food Safety Authority reported that it's becoming more difficult to treat foodborne bacterial infections thanks to antimicrobial resistance.


Cute Stuff

-Lunchbox, a 24-pound cat, is a top-10 finalist in the Cadbury Bunny tryouts. He was adopted through the Oklahoma Humane Society, and started his life as a stray. Now he's got a shot at starring in his own commercial! Rags to riches. :)

Non-Profit of the Week

-With the story about Lunchbox, it seems like a good move to have the Oklahoma Humane Society as our non-profit of the week. Founded in 2007, their goal is to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in Oklahoma City. To learn more, click the link!


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