December 2019 Shipping Dates

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Order by Sunday 15th!

Q. Why is there a holiday shipping schedule?
A. To ensure the highest food quality and safety we don't send food over weekends or shipping holidays. We do this to ensure your frozen food won't sit on a truck for lengthy periods, thawing...

Q. How will this effect me?
A. Your Balanced Blends order must ship over consecutive shipping days, without interruption. This means that if your destination takes 3 days to reach, and you placed your order on a Sunday, it would leave us on Monday and arrive to you by Thursday.

This year we have two weeks in a row affected by shipping holidays on both Tuesday and Wednesday: the shipping holidays this year are Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th of December, and Tuesday 31st of December and Wednesday the 1st of January. 

Q. How can I find out my delivery day count?
A. We provide you with a shipping calculator on our website where you can enter your zip code and an order date, and it will show you the estimated delivery day of your order. You can access the shipping calculator here:

Q. What can I do to avoid the impact?
A. You can place your holiday order by Sunday the 15th of December. Be sure to order enough to get you through to the next uninterrupted shipping week, commencing Sunday 5th of January (approximately 3 weeks of food).

As always, please reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns.


The Balanced Blends Team



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