News from the Founders

To our extended furfam,

For Balanced Blends, 2018 was a year of looking inward and refining. As we learned and grew, we encountered the occasional operational hiccup.  Each unanticipated event was treated as a major issue on our part, and we thank you for your patience and understanding during our early periods of growth.

A positive result of these growing pains is education and we have exited 2018 with a confident skip in our step. With a solid year of introspective analysis and partner changes, Balanced Blends can now deliver a more reliable and consistent service to you.

Looking forward, we are enhancing our feline and canine recipes to delight you and your families. These improvements will be available in the near future as part of our new Species Balanced™ product line; please note that our current Balanced Raw™ product line name and recipes will be retired at that time. Some key changes, and explanations for them:

  • Improving the organ-muscle ratio
  • Increasing the use of animal-based nutrients
  • Increased use of Salmon Oil
  • Updated our premixes to use chelated or proteinated trace minerals
  • Improved palatability

We are improving the organ-muscle ratio in our new recipes to increase the quantity of micronutrients derived directly from organ meats.

We are increasing the use of animal-based nutrients and removing all the digestible plant matter from the new recipes because both cats and dogs are carnivores and a species appropriate diet should include as much nutrition as possible from wholesome animal ingredients. Specifically:
  • We are removing both flaxseed oil and hempseed oil from all recipes as they are plant-based oils.  Feel free to supplement your furfam’s meals with either oil as indicated by your trusted veterinarian.
  • We are removing the fruits and vegetables in our dog dinners in favor of additional wholesome muscle meat and organs.  This shift also addresses our discomfort with current agricultural practices that have led to numerous produce recalls including for products with supposedly “clean” labels such as “organic”.

We increased the use of Salmon Oil to add EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids for their health and anti-inflammatory properties. Please consult with a trusted veterinarian before supplementing our new recipes with additional EPA or DHA sources.

We have updated our premixes to use chelated or proteinated trace minerals to improve bioavailability. Chelated and proteinated trace minerals are bound to organic compounds rather than other inorganic elements making them more bioavailable.

We’ve improved palatability by modifying our production techniques to create a smoother product and by eliminating plant-based ingredients.

Thank you for the time to hear our updates. We are committed and we are strong because Pets are Family, and we couldn’t do it without you! 

As always, please reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns.


John and Christina,
The Balanced Blends Founders


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